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Our lifelong learning and employment solutions ecosystem

The EPITOME human development ecosystem consists of modular services that leverage technology and analytics to support human development goals for a wide range of clients, including enterprise, startups, career service providers, training providers and government agencies.

We help candidates understand and align to career paths that will be meaningful and fulfilling, with recommendations for courses of study, internships and job placements.
We help candidates upskill or reskill with modern elearning and enterprise training services from a multitude of leading course providers.
We help candidates and employers connect by matching talent to job descriptions using our custom job matching services.
Even when candidates decide to return to formal education, we help them plan their course of study to ensure economic and career outcomes are met and tracked.
We help candidates in employment transitions to upskill or reskill themselves so they can return as quickly as possible to the workforce.
Our Catalyst career toolkits provides multi-dimensional profiling of a candidate, giving deep insight into the core skills, motivations and values for individuals, teams or even national cohorts.
We can help you apply your own or industry-specific skill or competency framework to our professional development or career placement services to help ensure candidates are fully aligned to the needs of the industry.
Our analytics dashboards give employers and agencies a clear picture of where talent is heading but also where there could mismatches of interest and demand.

Career Discovery

We help candidates discover and align to their optimal career paths with data-driven decision-making tools, powered by our Catalyst data which provides unique insights into where an individual’s strengths, motivation and values lie both in and away from work.

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Upskilling and Reskilling

We help candidates acquire new skills or reskill based on their career interests and the needs of the job market. Driven by smart recommendation systems that match content to job competency frameworks and career goals, our services can combine content from multiple content providers even in complex multi-tenancy environments.

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Job & Skills Matching

When candidates seek employment, our technology matches them to jobs and job families based on their skills, career interests and career goals using custom matching algorithms, facilitating the transfer of existing skills into new lines of work or aiding the acquisition of new skills.

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Job Placement & Hiring

We help candidates find meaningful work that matches their career interests and capabilities using automated job matching, powered by custom algorithms that help pin-point the ideal fit between candidates, jobs and the needs and requirements of employers.

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A Lifetime of Learning

We recognise that for most people the cycle of upskilling and reskilling can happen many times and for many reasons. Our service model allows individuals to rejoin the cycle at any point to continue their professional development, find new work or manage significant career transitions.

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Driving Decision-Making with Data

Because our ecosystem is connected, we are able to support policy makers and HR leaders with deep insights into their workforces and talent potential.

Actualise, our agency analytics service, identifies areas of talent potential and areas of need, leveraging unified data sets drawn from every single service provider within the ecosystem, available for modern data dashboards.

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Research and Consultancy

We're a research-driven company with a team of seasoned experts in organisational psychology, HR, statistics, technology and design. We work with schools, government agencies and enterprise to measure, evaluate and understand dynamics in workforces and talent pools of all sizes.

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Hear from people we've helped

With our mission to nudge companies to rethink hiring so that we can broaden the talent pool in Singapore as well as fight biases in the workplace, we couldn’t have found a better partner than EPITOME. Their platform helps people see individual talents the way they are and allows companies to find the right fit beyond the standard outdated measures of what talent should be.

Martin TanCEO, Majurity Trust

It is important that we be able to assess and understand our jobseekers holistically in order to design effective career coaching and career counselling interventions. The profiling services dovetail with our current career development approach and allow us to approach interventions from a multi-angled perspective compared to other solutions which only offer one or two at most.

Jeremiah WongWSG Manager, Career Services Division

Through the team mapping exercise, we identified key gaps in roles needed as a collective leadership team that were missing from the Founders. We made a senior hiring decision to close this gap and distributed responsibilities among the founders based on
our secondary preferences.

Azran Osman-RaniCEO, Naluri

The results and findings on individuals in the four teams outlined key metrics around their aspirations, motivations and concerns. This allowed for our Human Capital team to address concerns and, in some cases, extend counselling to affected individuals, mitigating
staff turnover and adverse sentiments.

Nizam Bin Mohamed NadzriCEO, Malaysia Debt Ventures Berhad

The career profiling tools gave us accurate and immediate insight into how we were aligned as an organisation as well as identifying the strengths of people in our unique program. We could also see the challenges some individuals were facing and were able to intervene effectively. As an onboarding tool, it really helped us find the optimal roles for new staff and motivate them.

Kay VaseyFounder and Chief Connecting Officer, The Meshminds Foundation

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